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of the year

These Bigs have done a great job of being a consistent, positive role model for their Little, and often support the agency by helping recruit volunteers or raise funds at events.

Big Brother of the year

Adam with Little Brother Robert

Big Brother, Adam Mast was matched with his Little Brother Robert on 5/18/15. Since they’ve been matched, Robert has become a more confidant young man who enjoys sports very much. At our Big Event, Adam shared that the experience of becoming a Big has been life for Adam…he has loved watching Robert grow and change and is so proud of him!

Big Sister of the year

Mary with Little Sister Asia

Big Sister, Mary Hoien was matched with her Little Sister Asia on 7/10/14. They have loved every minute of dancing, baking, laughing, watching movies together, and just hanging out! Mary shared that being a Big has been life changing and she highly recommends anyone to volunteer because it is so rewarding and doesn’t take much time at all!

Big Family/Couple
of the year

Sheila and Steve Brown with Little Brother Robert

Big Family Sheila, Steve, and their son’s, “The Brown Family,” were matched with Tyrell on 1/22/11, at the time they still had two teenage boys at home. Tyrell has enjoyed being friends with their two sons, they’ve went to baseball games, and played sports at home together as a family. As the years went on, their kids grew up and moved out but they continued to stay matched as a couple. The Browns shared, “Watching Tyrell grow up has meant so much to them.” He’s a Senior in High School now and they say he’s become part of the family and they are so thankful to be matched with him!

Making a BIG impact in Little ways


Impacting a youth’s life in a positive way helps boosts their confidence and paint a brighter future for them.

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    June 13th, 2020

  • The Big Event
    "Kids are a BIG Deal"

    Friday, September 25th, 2020

  • Bowl For Kids' Sake

    March 11th – 14th 2020
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